Kinzangama Kiln is a pottery located in Takando, Komatsu City in Ishikawa prefecture and specializes in over glazed paintings of Kutani-yaki (Kutani ware). The Kiln has continued since 1906 when the founder potter YOSHITA Shosaku started making ceramics here. In the 17th century, Kutani-yaki was developed as purveyor ceramics to Kaga Lord and it is characterized by the delicate and refined paintings such as multicolored over glazed paintings iroe and Kinrande. They have been exported widely since Meiji period, being called ‘Japan Kutani’. Its technique and beautiful forms have been highly appreciated all over the world. Kinzangama Kiln has inherited various techniques of Kutani-yaki so far and has used them in creating works. Among the traditional techniques of Kutani-yaki, the Kiln especially excels in kinsai , glaze painting with gold. The founder was proficient in multicolored Kinrande and since then the Kiln has been characterized by paintings with gold glaze for generations. Minori, the third generation of the Kiln, had improved the technique of ‘Yuri-kinsai’ and was designated as a holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property (Living National Treasure). Now I, as the fourth generation, have tried to explore a new expression of colored Kinrande which is suitable to the times, inheriting the traditional techniques. The world of beauty special to Kutani-yaki, delicate and dense – it features excessive and detailed patterns and pictures drawn. These techniques have been supported by craftspeople’s patience and it proofs that they have been training and making efforts to achieve their higher goal in the Hokuriku region which is snowbound for a long time during winter. I have edited this book with my wish to express the beauty of colors and the beauty of gold, which Kutani-yaki has been producing. In the process of making this book, I have noticed the attractiveness and possibilities of Kutani-yaki again by looking back over past works.

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